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Marketing Postcards


Marketing postcards provide your business a targeted, cost effective and customized way of reaching your ideal customers. Reach exactly who you want to reach, when you want to reach them and get them to respond to your advertisement.
With postcard advertising you can select from the vast amount of personal data that is available for targeting your prospect. Boom Marketing provides you highly targeted demographic analysis and consumer profiling so you can make the right choice and avoid waste in your marketing.

Why Marketing Postcards?

  • Stand out in the mailbox! – sending a solo, large and colorful piece of mail gets the attention of the person checking the mail, typically the decision maker of the home or business
  • Customized and Flexible – You choose where, when and who to send it too. Single family homes? No problem, Apartments? We can do that, Specific subdivision?  We got you covered
  • Fantastic graphic design – professionally designed to communicate the value of your business in ways words can’t
  • Direct Response – with a clear call to action, your marketing postcards are designed to deliver results
  • Targeted – Reach a specific audience by attracting new customers or reward loyal ones with custom offers just for them
  • Measurable – Your customer redemption or call information can be analyzed to measure effectiveness
  • Find your ideal customer – We will help you find the right mailing list and customer profiling to mail only the most profitable prospects

Effective Uses for Postcard Advertising

  • Radius Mailing – this is where you mail to all, or some, of the homes (houses or apartments) in a radius around a locationmarketing postcards atlanta.
  • Targeted Mailings – we will help you analyze and determine your ideal customer so that we can mail your advertisement to the homes that are the best fit for your business. Some of the categories available are:
    • Age
    • Home Value
    • Gender
    • Households with children
    • Income, net worth or disposable income
    • Distance from your business
    • Marital status
    • A combination of any of the above and much more…
  • New mover mailings – someone that is just moving in is looking for community services and businesses. We will help them find you!
  • Zip code mailings– Mail some or all of the addresses in a given area, carrier route, city, zip code, county, region or state.

Our marketing postcard services include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Address List
  • Custom full color postcard printing
  • High quality, 100lb card stock
  • Glossy, UV lamination Included
  • We handle everything for you!
  • RESULTS-based Marketing Advice, FREE!

Boom Marketing can help you reach the ideal Atlanta segment for your business. Sandy Springs, East Cobb, North Atlanta, Gwinnett, In Town Atlanta…if they have a mailbox we can get you in!

We will consult with you to identify your ideal prospect and then develop and implement all aspects of your direct mail advertising postcards campaign. We are a locally owned company that understands the Atlanta market. 

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