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Advertise on Facebook To find new customers

Advertise on Facebook to grow your bottom line. Show your business on your ideal customer’s Facebook Feed and boost leads and sales.

Why should you advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is the most used social media site in the world

Your current customers and potential customers are on Facebook, period. So why not reach out to them there? (Source: Facebook 7/26/17)

Average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes

This is a huge attention span. This is an opportunity for you to showcase what is special about your business because people are paying attention. (Source: Infodocket)

Facebook offers insanely good targeting opportunities! 

Think about it, how much information does Facebook have about you?When you advertise on Facebook we can help you choose from a huge list of demographics and interest to narrow down to your ideal customer.

Advertising on Facebook is (relatively) cheap!

We can target your ads so well and through our expert management of your ads can maximize your advertsing budget providing a great ROI.

Your Local Facebook Advertising Consultant

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Facebook Blueprint Trained and Certified


ROI-driven approach to Facebook Advertising


360 degree tracking of phone calls & contact forms


Atlanta market experts in driving local traffic


Tailor-made campaigns for your business needs & budget


Offering campaigns in Spanish to increase Latino leads

What makes our Facebook advertising service different?

We are small and that is a good thing…

This allows us to provide personal and in person service (most times). I will design your Facebook campaign and will be your primary contact. However, when needed I have the flexibility to employ other Facebook experts.  Learn more about me. 

No account is “too small”

Most marketing agencies will not touch an account of less than $5k per month. Because we are small we can serve businesses with smaller budgets while still providing expert pay per click service without the overhead of agencies.

We know local: Atlanta and beyond…

We have built our business working with Atlanta businesseses and have grown to serve some national brands. This has allowed us to learn the crucial difference of what it takes to help market B2C businesses that serve the local market vs. those who sell nation-wide.

Our consulting approach

We have learned that many business owners have too much on their hands to be able to understand or have the time to deal with something as technically complicated as digital marketing. We can’t teach you how to do it but we will make sure you understand what is going on.

Professional Facebook Ads Management


When you advertise on Facebook with us you get:

Planning and Strategy

We’ll review your business and put together a Facebook strategy that makes sense for your sales cycle and your budget.


Campaign Setup

Thorough keyword and competitor research, sort through hundreds of keywords to choose the best ones for you, choose landing pages and put together your ads.

Geographic Targeting

I’ll help you choose where to target your ads wether in your city or any part of the country you choose and add your local info.


Ad Creation and Design

Hand-written Ad copy that is focused on generating sales and getting your phone to ring.

Dedicated Call Tracking

Don’t guess if people are calling or not, you’ll know exactly if your Ad is generating calls, how many and be able to listen to calls.

Beyond the Search Engine

Enhance your ads for mobile display as well as show the internet plus use retargeting to show your ads to people that have shown an interest in you.

Analytics in Plain English

Facebook ads produce an enormous amount of data. We will filter out the most important factors and explain it’s impact on your bottom line. 


Monthly Reporting

Regular reporting of the results of your campaign. Know what’s working and what’s not and the status of your budget.

Dedicated Management

Throughout your entire campaign you will be dealing directly with me. Get a quick response to your questions. 

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