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Diamond Line

Direct Mail & Digital Marketing Specialists

We help local business owners find and retain more customers by offering a unique blend of traditional and modern marketing with good old fashioned face to face consulting services.

We are marketing consultants…

We are not advertising sales reps…or some account manager sitting in a cubicle on the other side of the country…..
We are a boutique marketing services business that offers personalized attention for your business marketing needs.
We got our start in marketing as a direct mail advertising business with one product line. After working with more than 150 local business clients we realized that many of our clients didn’t understand marketing or have time to deal with all the marketing options available to them.
From direct mail postcards to Facebook to Google Adwords, these are all time intensive and complicated marketing mediums. However, when done right they can generate a lot of new customers for your business. 
So we realized that we can serve our customers better by not only offering the proven benefits of direct mail services but by also offering the unique capability of integrating direct mail with digital marketing including pay per click and landing pages that speak directly to potential customer needs.  
When you work with us  you are guaranteed…
  • Accountability – your marketing needs to be tracked and measured 
  • Partnership – we are not another vendor, we want to be partners in yours and our success
  • Marketing expertise with the “heart of a teacher” – marketing can be complicated and confusing but we want you to understand why and how we do what we do

A range of services…

Because different businesses have different needs we can be as involved with your marketing as you want us to be. If you are looking strictly for us to provide a specific service in direct mail, pay per click advertising, Facebook ads or any other of our specialties, we can do so.
If you want us to take a comprehensive look at your business and marketing strategy and put together a plan that looks at your entire sales cycle and customer base, tracking your results and your ROI, and then execute that plan, we can do that too. It’s up to you.
Take a look at our list of services page or if you have something else in mind feel free to contact us. 

Luis Amato

Owner, Chief Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Strategist

I started my professional life as an officer in the US Air Force. Then I transitioned to corporate America where I  have worked with Fortune 500 as well as private companies in charge of multi-million dollar projects across various industries.
But then I heard the call of business ownership…
Not only did I want to create a business I could call my own but I also wanted a business that would provide a valuable service. So in 2013 I decided to leave the corporate life to start a marketing business. I like to think that my business success is proportional to the successful relationships that I have established with my clients.
On a personal level I am fortunate to say I have been Maritza’s husband for the last 17 years with whom I have the privilege of raising two wonderful children who are 14 and 11. When I manage to find some “me” time I enjoy the great outdoors with passion. I run or bike as much as life allows and play a game of tennis here and there.





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